300mm 21 LED Strip Light Clear Lens Clip On (Aluminium Chassis)

The new LED camp lights from National Luna have been designed with high efficiency and superior light output as priorities. Each model of light features high-quality LED components protected by built-in constant power regulator circuits and supported by a high-strength and effective enclosure.

Featuring a dual-power switch which can be used to switch from an ultra-low power ambient light to a full-power, wide-angle camp light.

This 12/24v Led lights up with 105 Lumens on low settings and 616 Lumens on high setting. This is a brilliant 118 lumens \ watt.

Typical applications include: caravans, trailers, 4x4 vehicles, trucks, buses, boats, solar installations, camping, emergency lighting and other 12/24-volt applications that require lighting. The clips on this light making it perfect for attaching to tent poles etc.


Part No: LED-32090

Model: 300mm 21 LED Strip Light Clear Lens Clip On - Aluminium Chassis

Battery Consumption:
0.074amp Average on low setting. 
0.521amp Average on high setting.

Weight: 0.5 Kg

Price: $89.90 Inc GST (Plus Freight)