Portable Power Pack

The National Luna Portable Power Pack is a complete Dual Battery System contained within a HD poly case with built in split charge isolator, circuit breaker, 3 power outlets, 2 battery voltage monitors and other system indicator LED's.

Ideal for vehicles where it is not possible or desired to mount a dual battery under the bonnet.   The only wiring in the host vehicle(s) is the charge lead which simply connects to the + & - terminals of the main vehicle battery.

When needed, just drop in the Power Pack, connect the charge lead using the red coloured anderson socket and connect your fridge or other appliance.

Supplied without a battery so you (or your dealer) can select the most suitable battery for your application. This also means you can easily replace the battery if it wears out or your needs change. Suits up to 125 amp/hr battery and any type of battery.

Refer to our Battery Products Catalogue download pages for more information and specifications on this and all our other battery products, including our range of LED battery monitors.

Price $595 inc GST (plus Freight)

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