I purchased my first national Luna 60L stainless steel fridge & freezer about 10 months ago, I have also since purchased another one just the other day, I sold my Engel 57 litre combi to purchase it as I wasn’t impressed with the noise engel compressor made and the combi setup doesn’t really work that well, the national Luna uses the world renowned danfoss compressor and was originally built to world health organisation standards.

Mine runes dual thermostat so you can set each bin independent of the other the bonus is you can also use both bins as a fridge if your requirements change the freezer side is 25L and has 60mm of installation and the fridge side is 35L and has 43mm installation.

I’ve been on quite a few trips canning stock route for one and in 43degree temp it still maintain -1 at what I had it set it with ease the compressor doesn’t cycle as much as my engel use to, and it’s virtually silent when it’s not in my 4wd it’s in the shed for drink fridge so it pretty much never gets turned off, it’s never missed a beat very solidly built I do have a protective cover on mine but when I tested it without the cover performance was not effected at all I can highly recommended these fridges yes they are very expensive but I believe in the old saying you get what you pay for.