13 Tips For Your 12V Camping Fridge / Freezer

Great tips for getting the most out of your National Luna fridge/freezer!




Stack your frozen food in the order that you’re going to eat it, and (if possible) open the freezer only once a day to take what you need. This will reduce the lid’s opening time, and the fridge’s overall power consumption.










Defrost your meat by placing it in the fridge compartment the night before; doing so will help to keep the fridge cool.








Fitting baskets to your camping fridge / freezer will ensure better air circulation and consistent cooling.










Always keep your camping fridge / freezer’s latches closed for optimum seal performance.








Never pack items around the fridge’s ventilation slots; doing so will raise the fridge’s operating temperature, cause it to work harder, and use more battery power.









Use the thickest power cable possible to ensure minimal electrical resistance and maximum voltage supply.








Always strap your fridge down. Most camping fridge / freezer failures are caused by knocks, bumps and vibrations.










Drinks in cans cool faster than those in bottles.









Although your National Luna camping fridge / freezer is capable of subzero temperatures (-30ºC in some models), setting the freezer this low is often a waste of battery power. In some cases, ice-cream will need to be kept at –18ºC, but everything else can be stored at –10ºC.







Keep your camping fridge as full as possible. An empty fridge is less power-efficient.











Always carry spare fuses for your camping fridge / freezer.










Never place warm leftovers inside your fridge, doing so will cause the unit to work harder than necessary and use more battery power.











Vacuum-packed meat will last longer and may not need freezing.